Twenty-five Wonders of the E-Cat

The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World.

Bold adjectives are often used to create hype for all sorts of new technologies and breakthroughs, but often the hyperbole is unjustified. In the case of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, however, the advantages, benefits, and capabilities of nickel-hydrogen E-Cat fusion are so significant that simply put, the technology is astounding.

The following is a list of only some of the positive aspects of the E-Cat technology. By the time you finish reading it, I hope you will agree that this technology is perhaps the most significant discovery in modern times.

  1. Unlike conventional power plants that produce large amounts of highly toxic waste, no nuclear waste is produced by the E-Cat – only stable transmutation products.
  2. No significant radiation is produced that is not shielded by the reactor core.
  3. No nuclear fuels are used. The hydrogen and nickel powder used are stable. This means no special handling or transport of the fuel is required, unlike Uranium or Plutonium.
  4. Only “light” hydrogen is used as opposed to “heavy” hydrogen (deuterium) that would be more expensive.
  5. Both nickel and hydrogen are plentiful and inexpensive.
  6. Tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen (grams of each) can produce kilowatts of power for months or longer.
  7. When an E-Cat needs to be refueled, the remaining nickel can be recycled and re-used.
  8. If the whole world switched to nickel hydrogen fusion technology, only one percent of the annual production of nickel would be consumed. There would be no need for additional mining.
  9. The energy density of the E-Cat fuel is extremely high because nuclear energy is being produced instead of chemical energy. One truckload of nickel powder could produce more power than an entire mega-tanker of oil.
  10. The E-Cat can produce temperatures in excess of 1,000C. This means that the heat can be used for both industrial purposes that require high temperatures and efficient production of electricity.
  11. The E-Cat produces a large amount of power from a small volume. A reactor core the size of a container can produce ten kilowatts or more of power.
  12. The E-Cat does not have to be continually re-fueled. One charge of nickel and hydrogen can last several months or longer.
  13. The E-Cat is portable. Unlike conventional nuclear power sources that require huge plants and support staff, this technology could eventually be utilized in vehicles.
  14. Unlike solar and wind, the E-Cat technology can produce consistent levels of power 24 hours a day regardless of weather conditions.
  15. Unlike conventional nuclear power the E-Cat cannot be made into a nuclear bomb. In a worst case situation, the reactor simply melts and stops functioning. There is no nuclear explosion.
  16. The technology cannot melt down like a traditional nuclear power plant. In torture tests of E-Cats in which the reactor core melts, the reactions stop and no radioactivity pollutes the environment.
  17. No greenhouse gases are released by an E-Cat. This technology is the solution to global warming. Once broadly implemented, CO2 emissions will drop dramatically.
  18. Vehicles utilizing the E-Cat technology would not require conventional liquid fuel tanks. This allows for weight reductions and more design choices.
  19. The basic design of an E-Cat is simple. Unlike hot fusion that requires billion dollar reactors, nickel-hydrogen systems are basically nothing but a few tubes for a reactor core, heating elements, and control electronics.
  20. Research to improve the E-Cat technology will be affordable. These devices can fit on a table top. A university might be able to spend several thousand dollars on a nickel-hydrogen research lab instead of millions or billions on a “hot” fusion lab.
  21. The COP of the E-Cat technology can be enormous. In self sustain mode, the technology can continually produce power with no input. This is one aspect of the technology that is still being worked on. However, even without self-sustain mode, the COP can reach ten or higher.
  22. The E-Cat technology would make an ideal energy source for spacecraft. Even if a probe or satellite with an E-Cat crashed into the Earth, no radioactivity would be spread. As soon as the reactor core was breached, all nuclear reactions would stop.
  23. E-Cat devices will be cheap to produce. In addition to the cheap, ordinary fuels, the construction materials are available and affordable: steel, ceramic, copper, etc.
  24. E-Cat devices will be fast to produce. Because of their simple components, robotic assembly lines in factories will be able to manufacture large numbers of them.
  25. The E-Cat has been revealed as having the capable of producing electricity directly.

As you can see, the benefits of the E-Cat technology are wide ranging and plentiful. I do not know of any other technology, except maybe graphene, that has so many positive aspects. Let’s spread the word about the E-Cat.

Rick Allen.