Beyond E-Cat Heat

An interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear physics indicates that there is investigation underway into using the E-Cat for more than just a regular heat source.

Herb Gillis asked the following question:

Dr. Rossi:
Do you think is would be possible to construct an LENR device such as an Ecat with an optically transparent reactor housing (such as a glass, or transparent ceramic material)? If so; this might facilitate use of the device for the direct production of electromagnetic radiation (for example, by use of a phosphor inside the reactor). If “light” could be produced directly it might be useful in a number of ways: For example:
1) Electricity production via photovoltaic conversion, possibly at low temperatures;
2) To conduct photochemical reactions;
3) Illumination; and
4) To pump a laser.
It would be interesting to hear your thinking on the potential for such applications.

Andrea Rossi’s response:

Herb Gills:
We are working on all these items.
I can’t give specific answers now.
Warm Regards,

It sounds like none of these ideas is new for Rossi, and Rossi’s indicates that there is investigation underway into advanced applications for the E-Cat. It only makes sense that if there is intense heat coming from the ‘Rossi Effect’ there must also be intense light — and the uses of light are many, some of which Herb Gillis suggests. There are bound to be more.

As Chief Scientist in the new organization, Rossi must be investigating all kinds of possibilities which are going to need intensive study and development. This new fire opens a door to possibilities that are almost inconceivable. It’s surely more than one man, or one team can manage. Who can guess where all this will lead?