Rossi on Safety

The following is a comment by Andrea Rossi in response to a question by Journal of Nuclear Physics reader ‘Duke Nukem’ about when which products would be available:

You wrote many times that your job now is to complete a long and rigorous plan of validation and R&D of the E-Cat. Does this plan affect your commercial strategy? Are still the 1 MWE-Cats for sale? And the Hot Cats ? What about the domestic E-Cats?

Andrea Rossi actually answered the question twice. First he responded:

1- I do not decide the commercial strategy, which anyway is not changed substantially, as far as I know.
2- The Hot Cats are not yet for sale
3- The domestic E-Cats did not obtain the safety certification, which is necessary to put them for sale.

Later in the day he provided a more extended answer:

Duke Nukem:
It is Saturday evening and I have some minute to answer better to your comment regarding the production and safety derivatives.
The opportunity to bring LENR to market has long been a dream. The more I work with my US Partners, the more I learn about the diverse needs and plans needed to achieve success. As I’ve said previously, my focus, in my position of chief scientist, continues to be on the testing and development work. I do not know when my work will be completed, but when we will have consolidated results, they will be shared with the scientific community by means of publications, whatever the score, positive or negative as it might be.
It is vital all testing be done throughly and in consideration of the requirements of the market. This process continues and we utilize the results to inform our ability to bring the different features of our technology to the market. There is a significant number of factors to consider in this process, so we remain focused on the task. Such task encompasses also the extremely important issues concerning safety: safety is an essential requirement and any product can be put in market only after the safety certification has been reached.
Warm Regards,

Reading between the lines here a little, it seems to me that Rossi is growing up in terms of understanding what is required for commercial success. I would expect that the partner has given Rossi a sober look at the steps that are needed to get products to market, and to protect intellectual property, and it doesn’t sound like they want to rush things. There was a time when Rossi was optimistic about having his domestic E-Cats on the market by now, working in homes around the globe — but I guess he came face-to-face with the requirements of certifiers and regulations, and now it sounds like the domestic units are on hold for quite a while.

Safety, of course, is going to be one of the main factors upon which this technology will be judged. One accident through a faulty design, inadequate materials or any other possible flaw will set back his work for a long time, so anyone supportive of the E-Cat must realize the necessity of the lengthy safety tests that are taking place.

It must be frustrating for inventors to have to jump through all the required hoops before they can realize his dream of seeing his E-Cats operating in the marketplace, but it doesn’t sound to me like Rossi is complaining. He is a disciplined person who, I am sure, will do all the necessary work before him to give the E-Cat the maximum chance of success.