Nichenergy Sends Documents to Potential Protium srl. Investors

I received some documents from Francesco Piantelli’s Nichenergy company regarding Protium srl., a new company set up to allow the public to invest in his technology. The document states that Nichenergy “has an agreement with an important multinational company that has significantly financed the latest activities”, and mentions there will be a 50% split of proceeds between NE and this partner.

Potential investors are not able to directly invest in Nichenergy, but are now being invited to consider investing in Protium srl., which will receive 20% of the income that Nichenergy will earn from European Community area. Investment funding received by Protium will be used for “the advancement of lab activities.”

Regarding investors, the documents states that “The possibility to share the ownership among many subjects (today more than 15) is very beneficial for the company, in particular it allows Protium to find inside the company the skills required for the research and the future industrialization of the products.”

The document states explicitly that the company does not yet have a product ready for market, and people willing to participate in Protium will be able to help complete the research that will allow for the creation of a finished product. Once that goal has been reached, “we will proceed in the choosing of the industrial partners (primarily among Protium partners) for the large scale production and the following distribution.”

Interested persons are invited to make contact for further information at: [email protected]

Below is supportive documentation published here with permission of Roy Virgilio of Nichenergy obtained by email today.

Piantelli document.pdf by ecatworld