Rossi on Retrofitting Power Stations with E-Cats

A quick post on a question I sent to Andrea Rossi today regarding the use of the Hot Cat. Rossi mentioned yesterday that they had obtained safety certification for the Hot Cat (high temperature E-Cat reactor) so I followed up with this question.

You mention that the hot cat now has safety certification.

Are you working towards having existing power stations able to generate electricity by retrofitting with hot cats as the power source?

Rossi’s reply:

We have first to complete our validation and R&D work on the Hot Cat, before what you say, but the retrofitting of existing power station is an extremely interesting application to think about.

If I am reading between the lines correctly here, it sounds like they could have plans underway on retrofitting power stations, and with good data from long-term testing, they could make a persuasive case to power generating companies, utilities, and governments to start moving over to E-Cat power generation on a large scale.