3D Printed Metal Gun Fires 600 Rounds

This may seem off-topic on an LENR forum, but I think it is related.

An article on CNS News is reporting that Solid Concepts, a California 3D printing company has 3D printed a metal gun that has been able to successfully fire 600 rounds of ammunition. This quite an advanced from the plastic 3D printed Liberator gun that was in the news earlier this year, which did work, but exploded during a test.

Solid Concepts believes it is the only 3D printing gun manufacturer with a US license to make firearms.

Of course this is a controversial use of 3D printing — and many people are concerned about the way 3D printing could allow the underground production of deadly weapons rapidly and cheaply — something that will be increasingly difficult for law enforcement authorities to detect and prevent.

But in a wider context we are seeing that sophisticated 3D printing is making possible the proliferation of increasingly robust and sophisticated technology extremely rapidly. No longer do you need a factory, expensive and complex machining tools, and the expense of a workforce to manufacture. If we are thinking in terms of LENR — an E-Cat reactor is not a complex product, it seems only to consist of metal tubes with some plumbing and electronics attached, surely much easier than a gun to 3D print.

Of course we don’t yet know the recipe of making it operate, but if that secret is ever revealed or leaked, it should not be a terribly difficult matter for these kinds of reactors to be built en masse, in an unregulated way. The consequences of that are unknown, but could be extremely far-reaching.

It seems that we may be reaching a convergence of technologies that could have the effect of transforming our world in almost unimaginable ways.