LENR Cars' Stirling Engine Proposal

Shortly after LENR Cars launched their campaign to win a chance to pitch at a Future Energy event yesterday, CEO Nicolas Chauvin sent a proposal to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which gives some indication of the company’s business model. Here’s the message he posted:

Dear Andrea Rossi,

We met last year in September at a congress in Zürich. I was there with Sterling Allan.

We discussed shortly about a Stirling generator developed by a partner of us in Asia. Now this Stirling generator is ready for mass production (30K units/year) with a very interesting manufacturing cost.

We would like to know if you are still interested in a test to combine this Stirling generator with a Hot Cat prototype to produce the electricity consumed by the Hot Cat.
Then the system could produce hot water (output from the cooling system of the Stirling generator) at very low cost.

We can even imagine that more electricity can be produced by the
Stirling generator than consumed by the Hot Cat.

This Stirling generator is a free piston Stirling engine combined with a linear alternator that can directly produce 220V at 50Hz. The output electrical power is 800W with a conversion efficiency of over 30% when the input temperature is about 480°C.
As you can see, the specifications are well suited to work in combination with a Hot Cat prototype.

A 1.2 kW version is now also in development.

More detailed will follow by email.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Nicolas Chauvin

Earlier this year LENR Cars filed a patent application for a ‘Low Energy Nuclear Thermoelectric System’ which described an automotive concept based on “an energy conversion system adapted to convert heat generated by said thermal generator into electricity, said energy conversion system being comprised of a first Stirling engine and a second Stirling engine for producing linear motion from heat.”

From what Chauvin says in this message to Rossi, it appears that he has been busy in designing and preparing systems to manufacture. LENR Cars have stated that they are hoping to work with third party LENR reactor manufacturers, and the above proposal indicates that they are hoping to partner with Rossi and Co. to use Hot Cat reactors as a power source for vehicles they will produce.