LENR Cars Seeking Votes for Future Energy Contest

I just learned from LENR Cars CEO Nicolas Chauvin that his company has been selected to compete in the Future Energy online pitching contest organized by Ultra Light Startups, the same contest that George Miley’s LENUCO company was in a few months ago.

The general public is invited to vote for projects they feel are worthy of support. There are four days of voting remaining, and the winning projects will be selected to pitch their business plans at Future Energy events in New York, Boston or Silicon Valley.

Here is a description of the LENR Cars project.

LENR Cars is developing two technologies to reduce carbon emission: – Waste heat recovery system producing electricity from heat based on Rankine microturbines – Condensed matter hydrogen fuel cell that can consume 4000 times less hydrogen than conventional fuel cells for the same electrical output power thanks to LENR process. LENR Cars is currently focusing on the transportation market with high tech collaborations in motor racing. Rankine microturbines are expected to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles (cars, trucks and boats) by 15% while being affordable for mass production. On a long term, condensed matter hydrogen fuel cells are expected to be able to power electric vehicles for over 20’000 km per hydrogen charge with a lower cost of ownership compared to fossil fuel vehicles.

For more information about the project, and to cast your vote go to: http://futureenergy.ultralightstartups.com/campaign/detail/1864

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