Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR

There’s a very good interview with Robert Duncan in the most recent issue of Infinite Energy magazine in which he discusses his move from the University of Missouri to Vice President of research at Texas Tech University. His new appointment will start in January.

The interviewer, Marianne Macy, was most interested in finding out about Duncan’s work in LENR, and whether it had a bearing on his change of positions. Duncan’s main points are:

  • He took the position because it was a better position with more prospects for promotion for him and his wife. He will be Vice President of Research, and a professor of physics. His wife will be a professor of Medicine.
  • He will remain connected with the University of Missouri’s Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) LENR program through a continuing appointment as an adjunct professor, and will continue to work with four faculty-led research groups at the SKINR.
  • He will continue to be involved in campaigning for more public investment in LENR.
  • There was not much discussion of LENR in his interview process with Texas Tech, but he says if the faculty at Texas are interested he may start an LENR research program there.
  • He intends to continue research into the ‘anomalous heat effect’ (his preferred term for LENR), with a view to understanding what causes it. He says that only by rigorously applying the scientific method will we come to figure out what is really going on.

There’s no indication from this interview that Duncan’s involvement in LENR had anything to do with him leaving MU — in fact it sounds like the university was anxious for him to stay — but the offer from Texas Tech was too good for him to refuse.

The full text of the article is available in PDF format at the following link: