Surprise Google Ranking for LENR

It’s a quiet news day on the LENR front, and I hope you won’t mind what might be seen as self-promotion — I don’t mean it that way. I just did a google search for ‘LENR’ and was really surprised that at the top of the page was the article I wrote for a couple of weeks ago:

I don’t think the content was particularly special — basically just an overview of key points in the recent history of LENR, but it does make me wonder about how Google’s ranking algorithm works. I know that is a relatively popular site with a lot of readers in the oil industry, and that is a factor in how Google ranks sites. Maybe it’s because the article is recent, too.

Wikipedia, one of the top 10 sites in the world ranks second with its article on cold fusion — and then there are a number of other sites, mostly familiar to me — E-Cat World is not one of them.

Google’s search algorithm is famously secret, and constantly changing — but it’s interesting to me, especially as a web site publisher how things get ranked. My hope is that people searching for LENR will find accurate and interesting information, so I am pleased that my oilprice article is ranked where it is, but it’s still quite a surprise considering the article was rather basic.