German E-Cat Licensee Reports Getting Refund on License

A discussion thread on the Swedish Energikatalysatorn forum indicates that Gerd Neumann, a German with a distributor license for the E-Cat has given up on the project. The thread includes this (tranlsated) message that Neumann apparently posted on Facebook.

“Well, I am tired for cold fusion and Andrea Rossi! Now I have my doing in another good things. We get our money back, That is good! All other I don `t know and I don` t want to know it. My future is now in another way. I could have a many experience! Now we can look to brows gas or other good things. My new activity is in Maroc. There we have: Founding Conference Green World Center for Synergy Homeopathy, New Technologies & Wellness
Sidi Ifni, Kingdom of Morocco from 29.11. till 06:12:13 Please don `t ask me about Rossi and cold fusion! For me is this the end! May be not for another people! ”

The full thread translated from Swedish can be seen here: