Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Another thanksgiving holiday is here in the United States — it’s a great occasion for family and friends to get together and enjoy good food and company, without the expense of gift giving.

Going back through the archive of posts on the site, I found I wrote this last Thanksgiving:

We’re well into our second year here, and I have to say that although technologically speaking, things may not have moved along as fast as some of us might have hoped, following this story has been a very educational experience for me — and I mean that in a positive sense. I’m really glad for the many readers who share of their expertise in various fields. I don’t believe there is any book published that could match the information freely shared here about the topics related to cold fusion/LENR — and I believe we are still in the very early stages of this discovery.

I feel the same this year. I enjoy every minute of following this story and working on this site, largely because of the participation of the readers here. It’s a fascinating journey despite all the delays and mysteries involved — perhaps that’s what makes things so interesting. We’re now well into the third year here now and still we wait for some kind of conclusion to it. Sure, we’d all like to be powering our homes on E-Cats by now, but we still have a way to go before that will be possible.

Andrea Rossi himself reports that the work continues. I asked him on the JONP if he would be getting a day off for the Thanksgiving holiday:

Frank Acland:
Sincerely: while I write this to you ( at 9.15 p.m.) I am working in the factory, as well as I will Tomorrow…and all my team with me ! We cannot stop the tests.
Thank you for your permanently kind attention,
Warm Regards,

I send Thanksgiving greetings to all E-Cat World readers around world. We’re growing older together following this story. Personally, I don’t regret any of the time and effort I’ve invested here, and plan on continuing the reporting for as long as it takes.