Communication from Aldo Proia of Prometeon

I recently contacted Aldo Proia, CEO of Prometeon SRL, the E-Cat licensee for Italy, inquiring regarding the status of licensees and of his situation in particular. This is his response.

Dear Frank,

I’m glad to hear from you. First of all, I would like to thank you for the hard work of careful popularization accomplished through your blog, which stands out in the world media on this topic.

We can answer officially only about our status, and what I can say is that our license is perfectly valid and we already have many big (and also smaller) well referenced Italian companies – mainly big thermal energy and/or electricity consumers – seriously interested in the E-Cat of industrial size. So, we are waiting patiently the marketing plans to be announced by the new U.S. partner.

Rossi and his new “partner”, when will be ready with the mass-production, will have a network of licensees already active and organized at the commercial level, which represents a great opportunity to rapidly disseminate this incredible new technology in all those countries, such as Italy, where licensees are already present.

I hope I have satisfied your curiosity and I apologize with you for not being able to give now more specific information, that we consider confidential. I would like to take this opportunity to slightly earlier wish you and your readers a Happy Christmas, waiting for a New Year full of news about the E-Cat…

Best regards,

Aldo Proia