James Martinez and Sean Stone Discuss Cold Fusion on TheLip.tv

Here’s an interesting video which is now a few months old, but one that I have just come across. It’s a discussion on the Buzzsaw program on TheLip.tv station between Sean Stone and James Martinez about the importance and impact of cold fusion. It’s not a discussion of the technical aspects of LENR — the looks at potential for the technology to transform our society in a fundamental way. They do drift into other topics such as finance, media and technology, but they hit on some key aspects of cold fusion, ones that we have been discussing here for a long time.

James Martinez is a radio talk show host who covers such areas as the banking industry, the influence of media and mind control. Sean Stone (son of film director Oliver Stone) is an actor, film producer, cinematographer and screenwriter. The Buzzsaw program is billed as “raw, honest and unflinching, and reports the news stories that permeate the current of society, but are nowhere to be seen in mainstream media.”