Rossi: 'Superior Powers may be Reached Easily Just Putting Modules Together'

Just after having posted that Andrea Rossi is not saying very much, he cracks the door open a tiny bit to give a glimpse into what is going on at E-Cat HQ these days. Earlier today Dr. Joseph Fine asked him a question about current dimensions of the E-Cat and power levels of current models.

Andrea Rossi answered the query with a standard, “I am sorry to repeat that in this validation and R&D Stage I cannot answer to these questions.’ Then a little while later he made this post:

Dr Joseph Fine:
I feel guilty to treat you badly…but I hope you understand that our policy is not to talk of a product that is not mature for the market, because subject to a rigorous period of validation, during which we also are refining the technology. We are collecting an enormous amount of data that shapes the technology by the day, generating patent applications by the week. Anyway:
1- We are trying many different dimensions of the modules, and the final dimensions of the industrial plants will depend on the final choice we will make, based on the results ( that, remember, could be positive, but also negative)
2- respect the numbers you cited many things can change: maybe the dimensions will be the same, maybe smaller, but nothing is still defined
3- superior powers may be reached easily just putting modules together
Let’s atart the wishes period later: allow me the illusion to have more time at disposal for my work before the end of the year…time is faster than me, damn!
Warm Regards,

There’s not too much revealed here, but it gives a picture of what the team is working on. Point 3 is especially interesting — superior powers reached easily just by putting modules together — as it implies that they have been working on configurations in which one module feeds another with the heat needed to generate a reaction, thus increasing the overall COP of a system. This is something that many observers have thought was an obvious way to boost the efficiency of the E-Cat, and now it sounds like development of this kind of system is underway.

It’s good to have another ‘Rossi says’ to chew over 🙂