Abstracts Published for Japanese Cold Fusion Conference on Dec. 7-8

The 14th Meeting of Japan Cold Fusion Research Society will be held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on December 7-8 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and abstracts of the papers to be presented have been published.

There seems to be quite an active community of cold fusion researchers in Japan; there are many names of presenters that I am not familiar with, but one stood out to me. Among the published abstracts is an article titled “Transmutation of Palladium and Nickel Isotopes” by Norman D. Cook of the Department of Informatics, Kansai University, Osaka. The reason for this is that Norman Cook’s work has been highly praised by Andrea Rossi.

On one occasion Rossi wrote:

As it will turn out when the scientific principle of our effect will be made public, the E-Cat respects perfectly the well known Physics laws and most accredited theories. I mean: there is no need of any “new physics”, everything is well contained in the well known Physics: therefore of course, as I said, the E-Cat is a cousin of the Schroedinger cat! Read the last edition of the book of Norman D. Cook…

His book, which is Rossi’s favorite nuclear physics book, Models of the Atomic Nucleus is available for free download here.

Fortunately the abstracts for the conference are available in English, but I would expect the conference would be conducted in Japanese. I’m not sure if we have many Japanese readers of ECW, but if anyone is going to be at the conference and would like to write a report, I’d be happy to publish it here.