Motley Fool on Investing in Fusion — the Holy Grail (Mentions Rossi and National Instuments)

An article and video on the Motley Fool investment website is looking at ways to invest in fusion — the Holy Grail, as they refer to it. Motley Fool contributor John Licata does not seem to make a big distinction between hot and cold fusion, mentioning the hot fusion research and Andrea Rossi in the same breath. I suppose as an investor, the actual mechanism is not nearly as important as the efficiency of the system, and Licata seems impressed by Rossi’s claim of a net positive fusion — where more power is input than output.

As far as investing goes, Licata talks about investing in National Instruments, a publicly traded company, as a means to invest in fusion. He says that all the engineers involved in fusion are using NI software and hardware. I’m not actually sure if that’s the case any more. Rossi did have early dealings with NI, and praised them for their work, but at one point went with some other measurement system. Since joining up with the new American partner we don’t know if NI equipment is being used in the current testing or R&D work.

Some people have in the past mentioned having more discussion about investment opportunities here on E-Cat World. By nature, investing is a risky business, and I am very hesitant to give investment advice when it comes to LENR — there are so many unknowns and variables at play in the field. LENR has the potential to be highly disruptive, and there may be many winners and losers in its wake, and it’s not at all clear who those may be.