Rossi: Needing Generators that can be Built by Thousands, Millions

Many people have recommended to Andrea Rossi new kinds of technology that can work with the E-Cat — mainly for electrical generation. Rossi has often said he is willing to buy and test units to see how they operate, but he always puts in the proviso that he needs to work with units that are finished products, and manufacturing-ready, i.e. not prototypes. For example, readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics have suggested the Cyclone Engine and the Green Turbine (both micro turbines that are designed to run off waste heat) as suitable for working with E-Cats, but these are not apparently well developed enough for Rossi’s consideration. He explained recently:

We did not find any of such companies able to offer a generator at a competitive price and with the industrial structure necessary to manufacture thousands ( let alone millions) of items. As I always said, we are not interested to participate and finance the development of a start up in that field, but we are interested only to buy products already industrialized, at prices that must be competitive with the classic generators. We did not find any so far and obviously we did not buy prototypes at unsustainable prices, in view of an industrial application, coherently with what I have already said.
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This response, mentioning thousands and millions of units, suggests that he and his partner are looking at large scale production — and that so far, they are not finding any production-ready units that are capable of competing with ‘classic generators’ — presumably large-scale turbines that are currently used in electricity generation. If we are thinking about electrical generation, it seems to me then, unless suitable technology can be employed on a small scale, that Rossi and co. are still going to be starting out concentrating on industrial-level power production.