Rossi: E-Cat Industrialization Strategy Still Undecided

Here’s another comment from Andrea Rossi today which gives little new information, but indicates that they are still making plans on how to ramp up production for the E-Cat.

Thank you and best wishes to you.
Wishes are all we can give so far, the loooong period is necessary for a final, decisive long term validation after which will be decided which kind of investments and which kind of industrialization will have to be set up, if the results will be positive. We have studied different industrialization strategies, but the choice ( if any) will be made after the current process of validation and R&D. All I can say is that substantial progress has been achieved in the last 4 months.
Decisively within 2014 we will have a consistent response.
Thank you again for your kind attention,
Warm Regards,

Unless the partner has masses of money to spend — which I doubt — there is going to have to major investment if E-Cats and plants are going to be produced on a large scale. I suppose that those decisions will be based in some degree on what reports are presented, and how they are communicated. If the reports are positive they may well get plenty of offers for investment from outside entities — with various kinds of proposed conditions, I am sure.

Still, we have the proviso from Rossi that all is dependent upon whether results are positive or negative. I suspect positive, based on his statement about ‘substantial progress’ having been achieved over the last four months (the length of current testing?)