Help Needed with German Translation of E-Cat Program (Tesla Motors Connection?)

I came across the following video today which is a recording of a German radio show called CROPfm.This episode is called “E-Kat und Kalte Fusion”, and is a discussion about cold fusion and the E-Cat with a Doctor Gunter Kreig and Hartmut Dobler, managing director of E-CAT Deutschland GmbH.

I am not able to understand much of this at all, and am wondering if some of the German speakers here could help provide a summary of the content.

Many thanks to Pekka Janhunen who wrote:

“I listened most of it, although my ability to understand German is limited. Most of the stuff sounded familiar. As a new revelation(?), they claimed at 1:01:10 that Tesla Motors is looking into E-cats as possible energy source for their cars.”

It would certainly be an interesting development if Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is paying attention to the E-Cat — he’s one of the influential industrialists out there, and any endorsement from him could be far-reaching in terms of bringing the E-Cat into the public consciousness.

The Youtube recording is below.