Rossi on Who Can be an E-Cat Customer

The new revelations from Andrea Rossi about the destructive tests and the temperatures the E-Cat can reach in runaway reactions have raised questions about the safety of these systems.Andrea Rossi has just addressed this issue in the response to a question about whether E-Cat reactors might be dangerous if it fell into the hands of terrorists.

Rossi responded:

You are right, the E-Cat, if voluntarily improperly managed, mainly by expert enemies,can be dangerous. This is the reason why the safety certification for a domestic E-Cat, usable from anybody, is very difficult to obtain. This is also the reason why we can sell the plants only to industries that can give us all the guarantees of safety. Our Customers have to make our plants operated only by operators certified by us, after a specific education through the manuals and after a period of instructions whose main part is aimed to safety. Our Customers must have already a culture and an organization aimed to safety and they will be liable for the respect of all the safety instructions supplied by us. This is also the reason for which we sell our plants only to industries that have a consolidated history of energy utilization at least in the amounts produced by our plants, so that we deal with persons already expert of the field, even if not of the E-Cat. We also need Customers with a financial structure enough solid to guarantee us they can sustain properly all the safety and security issues implied and to guarantee a security able to make sure that the technology does not go in wrong hands.

With all these restrictions in place, it seems like it is going to be quite difficult to become an early adopter of E-Cat technology. Not just anyone is going to be able to purchase an E-Cat plant. I think is going to be a big trust factor involved in being selected as an E-Cat user and I expect Rossi and Co. will be very careful in vetting applicants — which may mean it will take some time for E-Cats to become widely used.

We also have yet to find out what the response of government regulatory bodies once the E-Cat becomes recognized as a legitimate and superior source of energy. The possibility of high temperature meltdowns might be something that will raise concerns among regulators. I hope, however, that the certifications already obtained by Rossi and Co. will be sufficient to satisfy any governmental body that the discovery is being handled adequately.