Social Media Experiment: E-Cat Thunderclap! [Update — Revised goal met!]

I have been thinking of ways to expand awareness of all that is going on in the world of LENR, and have come across an interesting web service called that I have decided to experiment with.

The idea behind Thunderclap is to use the combined influence of people’s social media presence to amplify an idea. If a thunderclap campaign is successful, a short message and a link will be sent out to all the contacts in all the supporters’ social media contacts at exactly the same time — the idea being that an amplification effect will be achieved. Below is a video that explains how the system works:

I have decided to try out this service by starting a thunderclap campaign to bring some attention the to current state of the E-Cat story. For this campaign to be successful, at least 500 people will need to support it by using either their Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr networks to promote it. If 500 people lend their support by January 15th, a message will go out at 4:00 p.m. UTC on Wednesday, January 15th. If we do not get at least 500 supporters, nothing will happen. If we go beyond 500 people, the thunderclap will have a greater reach.

UPDATE (Jan 9, 2014): I was seeing the writing on the wall — it didn’t look like we were going to make our goal of 500 supporters in time, so I took advantage of the option to edit the appeal, and set the goal downward to 100 supporters — and we had already reached that goal!

What this means is that the Thunderclap WILL go out next Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. UTC, and so far it will reach over 19,000+ people. Even though we have hit the new goal, people can continue sign up, and add to the impact of the Thunderclap.

Thanks very much to all who have supported this project. It remains to be seen what the results of this effort will be, but I think it’s a worthwhile experiment to try.

I have written this post (posted earlier today) that provides a summary of the E-Cat story to date, and a link to this article will be sent out attached to the social media message which reads:

“Keep your eye on the E-Cat — a potentially massive energy breakthrough that could hit the news this year!”

To participate in the campaign, click on the “join this thunderclap button below”, or go here: