Cherokee CEO Darden Comments on Chinese Industrial Heat Discussions

Thanks to ECW Reader US_Citizen71 for bringing attention to this article from the Triangle Business Journal which addresses the recent discussion here about the Rossi-Cherokee-China connection. The article’s author, Amanda Jones Hoyle, was able to get some comments from Cherokee CEO Tom Darden:

Cherokee CEO Tom Darden says that due to “strict confidentiality requirements,” he can’t address any of the specific technologies that Industrial Heat is supporting.

“But the company has investigated or supported several,” he says. “I am sure it will be a while before there are any results.”

Darden says none of the entities referenced in the E-Cat World blogs have invested in Industrial Heat. “Nor does Industrial Heat have any Chinese investors,” he says.

Darden does say that Industrial Heat LLC was one among many subjects he discussed with Chinese officials, and that his main purpose was to talk about some of the ideas presented by entrants into the Cherokee Challenge (a contest where applicants contend for seed money)

This isn’t really a confirmation or a denial of being involved with Rossi or the E-Cat — it’s more of a wait and see statement.