Prometeon's Aldo Proia Looks to the East for LENR in 2014

Aldo Proia, Director of Prometeon, E-Cat Licensee for Italy has written an article which looks forward to 2014 as a year ‘Full of Surprises’. He notes some of the recent developments in LENR, and laments about opportunities missed for Italy. Here’s a Google/human translation of his message from the original Italian.

This year we are going to live in what could be the beginning of what may one day be remembered as one of the greatest revolutions of human civilization, comparable to those produced by a few other inventions: fire, printing, the steam engine, radio, and computer. Moreover, in the field of energy, the “new fire” has “the numbers” to overcome even such inventions as the atomic pile of Fermi and the nuclear reactors derived from it, since it can provide free and unlimited energy to man but without any of the drawbacks of nuclear energy: the pollution can be used to create deadly weapons.

Already five years ago, it was the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) American to point out, in an unclassified document, that LENR, once you have proved able to keep what they promised at the time remotely, would represent a revolutionary technology from potential to disruptive. And now the revolution of LENR starts spreading like wildfire. We will not make here a list of signs to that effect, but we will only mention the recent funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for LENR research projects, which represents a new and significant “first time”.

Among the countries that are lining up in the front row in qualifying for this revolution are a little surprising really, like China and Korea which, not having those influential lobbies which in the West hamper any serious alteration of the status quo in the energy field, and will be doubly benefited from adopting a technology for raw or almost like that of ‘E-Cat. Italy, already crippled by a crisis that seems more and more like the beginning of a long decline, lost a unique opportunity letting the invention of Rossi cross the ocean, and for this error of judgment could pay dearly.

It appears that Proia has been paying attention to news about both Cherokee/Industrial Heat (in reference to China) and Brillouin (South Korea), and makes the same point that we have discussed here at ECW — that command economies are able to adopt certain new technologies more quickly than those in many Western countries where competing lobbies can hamper implementation of technologies that could be widely beneficial. That’s not to say that command economies are are always superior, but they seem to be more efficient in certain circumstances.

Aldo Proia may well have more information about what is going on with regard to Rossi’s partnership agreement than we do, since he is apparently still a licensee of E-Cat sales for Italy. There have been times when Andrea Rossi has said that there would continue to be E-Cat R&D in Italy, but I haven’t seen any sign of that lately. I hope that Proia is able to help bring E-Cats into Italy soon, he has been waiting long enough.