Rossi: E-Cat Theory to be Published (Minus Certain Information) 'Within Several Months'

Many people have been asking Andrea Rossi questions about the workings of the E-Cat reactor lately (I guess thinking since he has been more talkative, he might give some revelations), but as is his common response he won’t give any information away. In the past, however, he has said that at some point he would publish his theory — and lately said he hopes to do it in 2014. Yesterday he made the following statement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“Within several months I will make a publication, wherein all the issues that will not affect the IP will be touched. This will be after the completion of the third indipendent party validation”

One of the main criticisms of Rossi’s work from scientists is that he has provided no theoretical information explaining how the E-Cat works, and Rossi may be attempting here to address that objection. However the fact that certain proprietary information will not be included in this report will, I am sure, be a problem for many — competitors included.

All businesses want to keep a competitive advantage, so giving away the key secrets of the E-Cat does not seem to be on the cards here. Perhaps Rossi will explain how to generate low-powered low energy nuclear reactions, and leave out the secrets of the catalyst which provide for the levels of power he is generating.

I suppose the goal for now for Rossi and Co. is to make a credible splash on the world scene once the current round of testing is completed and the results are published. At some point they are going to make a commercial pitch, and credible technical data and scientific information will be key ingredients if they are going to be taken seriously.

Whatever is included in Rossi’s publication, I’m sure there will be intense interest in it, and maybe, even without some secrets it will include some key information to help us understand this fascinating phenomenon.