Rossi on Partner Speculation — Spamming all Questions

This is not a surprising statement, as it follows Rossi’s longstanding policy in regards to questions about the US Partner, but it’s the first time he has addressed the question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Apparently interest is high and he has been busy keeping his website clean from the questions he has been getting.

To the Readers:
I am spamming all the hundreds of comments we receive regarding the US Partner issue, whatever the source, whatever the link attached, whatever the text. As a consequence of a precise NDA that I have signed, I am forbidden to give any information, in positive or in negative, regarding the name or whatever concerning our US Partner. All the things that have been diffusely published in this period on the matter are totally strange to my work.
Warm Regards,

It’s hard to think of much else he could say, given the current situation. The last phrase about publications being ‘totally strange to my work’ is a little unusual — maybe he means the speculation has nothing to do with the work he is currently engaged in.