CERN Colloquium to Report on 'Negative' LENR Experiment

A colloquium will be held at CERN in Zurich, Switzerland on Thursday January 16 in which physicists A.D. Polosa and R. Faccini of the University of Rome will report on the result of an experiment they carried out to search for neutrons in an LENR experiment. Here’s a description of the presentation from the announcement of the event.

After an introduction to the controversial problem of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) catalyzed by neutrons on metallic hydride surfaces we present the results of an experiment, made in collaboration with ENEA Labs in Frascati, to search neutrons from plasma discharges in electrolytic cells.

The negative outcome of our experiment goes in the direction of ruling out those theoretical models expecting LENR to occur in condensed matter systems under specific conditions.

Our criticism on the theoretical foundations of such models will also be presented.

It will be interesting to find out the details of the experiment — I hope there will be a transcript, or at least a summary of the presentation. Critics of LENR have long pointed to the lack of neutron detection as a reason not to accept the nuclear aspect of this phenomonon, so it sounds like it won’t be something that will inspire CERN physicists to dive into LENR research.