Blacklight Power Publishes Patent Application, Mills Responds to Questions

Continuing with the flurry of activity surrounding Blacklight Power, there are some new developments (to me, at least) that I thought warranted a separate post — and thanks to all the readers here who are keeping us updated on news and providing links.

First are some questions answered by BLP CEO Randell Mills on this Yahoo Groups site:

Q: I assume that given that a high current is required to initiate the reaction in the SH-CIHT cell, that it occurs in bursts. I have some questions.

1) What is the maximum burst repetition rate?

A: can be continuous

2) What is the consequent average power density?

A: same as power burst

3) What is the ratio of output energy to input energy?

A: about 100X

From these responses it seems what Mills is saying is that somehow the initial electrical stimulation gets the BLP material into a high state of excitement which generates an electric current that can run continuously for an unspecified period of time. How much repeated stimulation to keep the current going is not clear here, but when Mills mentions a COP of 100, it seems there has to be some recharging — or else the COP would be infinite. When he says the average power density is same as the power burst, it implies to me that there is no reduction in the current after the initial stimulation.

The second development is the publication of a Blacklight Power Patent application which seems to be very new. The title is “Power Generation Systems and Methods Regarding Same,” and it is 324 pages long! I am not going even think about starting to summarize it here, but here is the introductory text:

“The present disclosure relates to the field of power generation and, in particular, to systems, devices, and methods for the generation of power. More specifically, embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to power generation devices and systems, as well as related methods, which produce plasma and thermal power and produces electrical power via a plasma to electric power converter or a thermal to electric power converter. In addition, embodiments of the present disclosure describe systems, devices, and methods that use the ignition of a water or water-based fuel source to generate mechanical power and/or thermal energy. Furthermore, the present disclosure is directed to electrochemical power systems that generate electrical power and/or thermal energy. These and other related embodiments are described in detail in the present disclosure.”

It will take some time to study this document, but it’s useful to have it available.

Right now it seems all the news is Blacklight Power all the time — and that’s fine with me. I intend to follow news that I consider to be of merit as wherever it takes us. 2014 has started strong!

More resources at BLP press release:

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