PESN Interview with Michael McKubre at SRI International

I’d like to thank Sterling Allan of PESN for letting me know about this video interview he just conducted with Mike McKubre, LENR researcher at the SRI International institute in Stanford, California. McKubre has some very intersting information and ideas to share, and the whole interview (about 25 minutes long) is well worth listening to.

Some key areas covered are:

  • His involvement with Brillouin energy’s development of their LENR systems
  • His thoughts on the size of COP required to make commercial LENR worthwhile (minimum of 10x)
  • The types of work he does at SRI
  • His ideas about the term fusion — “it is fusion”
  • His thoughts on the four main players in the LENR field: Brillouin, Defkalion, Rossi, Blacklight Power. He says there is no need for competition, they should cooperate to move the field forward.

As always, McKubre comes across as experienced, articulate, knowledgeable and very credible. He’s a great spokesman for the field, and should be a media point person for LENR, in my opinion.