Wired UK Covers latest LENR Developments

Wired.uk has just published an article by David Hambling on recent developments in the LENR field. Hambling has been one of the few mainstream journalists who has taken the field of LENR seriously, and it’s nice to see this comprehensive review of the current status of the field.

The article is titles “Cold fusion continues to progress stealthily into the mainstream”, and it covers topics most of which are not news to readers here, but could open the eyes of people not so familiar with the field.

Main topics include:

  • Dr Yeoung Kim joining Cyclone Power as a consultant.
  • Brillouin Energy signing deal with an unnamed South Korean energy company.
  • US Department of Energy interested in LENR proposals to fund.
  • The identification of Cherokee Investment Partners as Andrea Rossi’s commercial partner
  • Production of gamma radiation by the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project

The article ends noting that if the LENR field really does start taking off there will be non-scientific issues to deal with, and he makes the point well:

The dream of cold fusion is that it brings cheap, unlimited energy from devices that can be built in a garage. But the dream has to co-exist with the messy realities of health and safety legislation, the bureaucratic niceties of testing new technology, and a public terror of anything including the word ‘radiation’. It’s the difference between the exhilaration of the Wright Flyer’s first take-off and the thousands of pages of certification procedures to cover before new aircraft are allowed to operate.

Hambling does not mention the news from Blacklight power that we have been discussing at length here — debatabely LENR, but purportedly also clean cheap and abundant energy — maybe he will deal with that separately if he does some research into it.