Rossi on Upcoming Report (Academics from 3 Continents)

There’s not too much new in this comment from Andrea Rossi regarding the much anticipated report of the long-term E-Cat testing, but he does give a few more hints about when we might expect it to appear, and the makeup of the team of testers. Rossi responded to a question about the timetable for the report as follows:

Giuliano Bettini:
That will not depend on me, I suppose ( and underline “suppose”) end of March or something around it for end of tests; as for the publication of the report, it will depend on the time of the peer reviewing, which I don’t think will take too long, due to the importance of the results, either positive or negative as they might be, and the number, the level and the internationality of the Authors, who come from 3 Continents.
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It sounds to me like Rossi is impressed by the team who are involved in this testing, which sounds like its expanded from Levi’s team that published last year. I’m guessing the three continents involved would be Europe, North America and maybe Asia — whereas just Europeans were involved previously. Rossi has said that previously that the testing is taking place in the United States somewhere, at a facility of one of his partner’s customers.

Rossi has said previously that the report would be published in a peer review magazine. He said that about the last report, too, which turned out only to appear on Maybe this time it will actually end up in a bona fide peer reviewed journal.