PESN Releases Set of Brillouin Videos

I haven’t had time to go through these yet, but here’s a link to a page of video that Sterling Allan has posted on PESWiki. He recently went to Berkeley, California to visit Brillouin’s facilities, and also SRI International. So far he has put up about two hours of video, and apparently there’s more to come, so it’s going to take some time to go through all the material.

We’ve already covered one of the videos on this page — the interview with Mike McKubre of SRI Internationa. In that interview he gave a good endorsement of Brillouin as a company, saying that the have had have been able to produce a COP of 4 with their ‘wet’ system (an electrolytic cell, as I understand it). McKubre did say, however, that they have not yet had success yet with their ‘dry’ (gas-based) system.

It’s good to get an up-close look, so thanks very much to Sterling for taking the trip and publishing these videos — very useful for those of us interested in getting a clearer picture of what is going on with Brillouin.

More analysis to come.