The R.M. Santilli 'Warm Fusion' Claim

Here’s something that’s brand new to me (thanks to Adam Lepzcak for passing the information along) — a system known as ‘intermediate controlled nuclear fusion’. The inventor’s name is Ruggero Maria Santilli, an Italian living in Florida (!) who founded a company called Hyfuel, Inc. Santilli states that his interest in this area research is based on his observation that thunder cannot be explained by conventional chemical or mechanical processes, and that the only explanation is that it must be a nuclear fusion process.

The video below was made in 2011 and shows a demonstration by Santilli of the ‘Third Hadronic Reactor’

A paper was published on the Open Physical Chemistry Journal titled “Confirmations of Santilli’s Intermediate Controlled Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium and Carbon Into Nitrogen Without Harmful Radiations” authored by J. V. Kadeisvili, C. Lynch and Y. Yang. (Thanks, artefact) The abstract reads:

We present five independent confirmations of the intermediate controlled nuclear fusion of Nitrogen from Deuterium and Carbon without the emission of harmful radiations or the release of radioactive waste, first achieved by R. M. Santilli following extended mathematical, theoretical and experimental research, and preliminarily confirmed by R.Brenna, T. Kuliczkowski, and L.Ying.

It appears that Santilli has also created a company called Thunder Fusion Corporation which has the objective of “the development of a new clean combustion of fossil fuels (oil, diesel, coal, etc.) with controlled minimal contaminants in the exhaust”

More information about Santilli’s inventions can be found at another of Santilli’s web sites — the R.M. Santilli Foundation. Santilli’s professional experience as outlined in Wikipedia shows him as having graduating with a doctorate in physics from the University of Turin, and having done research at the University of Miami, Boston University, MIT, and having done research for NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

I have no real way to evaluate Mr. Santilli’s claims right now, all this information is new to me, but I post it here in case others are interested in exploring and commenting.