Randell Mills Speaks with Sterling Allan about Upcoming Blacklight Power Demo

Sterling Allan of PESN has gotten hold of Blacklight Power CEO Randell Mills and conducted an interview mainly about the current state of Blacklight Power technology and the upcoming demonstration on January 28th. In the interview Dr. Mills provides an overview of BLP’s technology and talks about beneficial and advantageous it is — claiming it has superior power density, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and will be able to supplant the grid eventually by providing households with a cheap source of DC electricity that will be able to meet all home power needs.

At the heart of the BLP system is the need for magnetohydrodynamic converter that can convert the plasma output directly into electricity — something that Dr. Mills says can be build with off-the-shelf parts.

Dr. Mills said at the demonstration he will talk about the theory behind his work — specifically about the hydrino, which he terms a more stable state of hydrogen which he says makes up the indert dark matter of the universe. Also at the demo he will be showing the production of plasma from a H2O-based fuel that is used in the BLP process.

You can hear the interview with Dr. Mills in the video below:

Sterling Allen’s report can be found at the link below.