E-Cat's Environmental Appeal: Daily Kos on LENR Changing the World in 2014

A blog post today on the Daily Kos web site titled “This is the year LENR changes the world” gives a very positive response to yesterday’s press release put out by Industrial Heat, LLC. The blogger known as ‘Lightfire’ states that from time to time a brand new paradigm comes along and makes massive changes in the world, and we should not be surprised if at some point a new technology comes along and obviates our need for dependence upon fossil fuels or nuclear fission.

Lighfire links to the Industrial heat press, saying ” But wait…it’s really starting to look like 2014 will be the year that fusion changes our energy paradigm.” Then, in linking to Cherokee’s web site states, “As you inspect the website you will quickly realize that these are our guys. Their focus is on saving the planet. They wield funds to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars and they do not look like the sort of people who would fall for a fly-by-night free energy scam. Sceptics Listen Up!! 🙂 ”

I have long wondered if and when environmentalists would get behind the E-Cat, and this is one example of someone who’s very concerned about the environment seeing the E-Cat as a potential solution to problems of global warming and pollution. Here’s also an example of Cherokee appealing to environmentalists because of their track record and green credentials — and the environmental friendliness of the E-Cat was something which was emphasized in yesterday’s press release.

The Daily Kos is known as being a site popular with people in the liberal wing of American politics, and environmental activism is something championed on that site. We’ll have to see if the appeal catches on with others over there. I don’t think, however, that it will only be the left who’s in favor of the E-Cat — this kind of technology is going to have a wide appeal with people concerned about national security, productivity, energy independence, individual liberty, etc. It will be interesting to see if a technology like the E-Cat has a significant impact on politics.