Industrial Heat's Acquisition of E-Cat is Major Endorsement of Rossi, Boost for LENR

Today’s announcement by Industrial Heat, LLC of its acquisition of the rights to Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology is one of the most important milestones in the whole LENR story to date, in my opinion. We now have a company founded by serious and experienced professionals (JT Vaughn and Tom Darden, both of Cherokee Ivestment Partners) who have put serious money behind Andrea Rossi’s invention, and who have come out publicly in favor of it.

For years Andrea Rossi’s claims have been dealt harshly with by critics and skeptics who seem to have had a lot of sway over public opinion, and the E-Cat has not been taken seriously by most opinion-makers in science or the media. I believe that today’s announcement will be the beginning of a change in the way people view the E-Cat. I don’t expects skeptics to back off right away, but in time I think their objections will become less and less credible, and their influence will significantly diminish.

It should be noted that in today’s press release, Industrial Heat cites not only the Levi report published last year as being the means of validating the technology and convincing them to make the E-Cat acquisition; they also mention that “in addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.”

I see no credible reason for Messrs Vaughn, Darden, and other investors to take this step, other than the fact that they know the technology is real and that it works at acceptable industrial levels of performance. These people will certainly have been aware of the controversial nature of this technology, and would surely not have taken this step lightly, knowing that investing in something fraudulent could severely damage their reputations and thus their current business interests. They will most certainly have consulted qualified experts to double check everything regarding Rossi’s technology before making the purchase.

Then, there was the important announcement made by Rossi last summer about how his partner had been able to make an E-Cat from scratch in their factory, without his help, and it worked just as well as those that he made. This must have been a very significant moment for all involved.

My guess is that today’s announcements will send ripples all around the world. There are informed people all over the world who have been paying attention to the E-Cat, and this vote of confidence by Industrial Heat, LLC, to step out of the shadows and publicly endorse the technology will not go unnoticed by smart and serious observers. And this press release will have done more than convince people of the E-Cat is real. It has shown that the field of LENR is a legitimate area of research and development. There will surely be people who realize that if Andrea Rossi can make something like the E-Cat, then others can too. Once a discovery this important has been confirmed, then ambitious and curious people will be trying to equal and surpass Rossi’s achievement.

I think this is a very big day for Andrea Rossi — but it could turn out to be a bigger day for LENR in general.