Gizmodo Article Throws Doubt on E-Cat, Suggesting IH got Bamboozled

Listed in the ‘vaporware’ category of well-known technology website Gizmodo is an article by Robert Sorokanich reporting on the Industrial Heat announcement of its acquisition of the E-Cat titled, “A U.S. Company Now Owns This (Probably Fake) Cold Fusion Reactor”.

The article states that Industrial heat ‘probably’ got ‘bamboozled’, stating that:

As PopSci points out, inventor/convicted scam-man Andrea Rossi’s studies “proving” the E-Cat’s efficiency have not been peer reviewed, and more perplexingly, the chemical process that’s supposedly behind the system simply can’t work the way the paper explains it. And for all of Rossi’s bravado and self-styled confidence in his device, he’s repeatedly refused to allow third-party testing, including by NASA.

Rossi was never convicted for scamming anyone. I have never heard Rossi claim that there was a chemical process involved in the E-Cat (he says Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is an accurate label), and we certainly have seen third party testing. Does Rossi have confidence in his device? Yes — because he knows it works. Bravado? No — if you have been reading his comments over the last six months regarding the possibility of positive or negative results of current testing.

Rossi seems to have learned how to get on with his work very well without concerning himself over the ‘chatters’ on the internet — I hope Tom Darden, JT Vaughn and the rest of the Cherokee/Industrial Heat team were prepared for the derision and ridicule they would be subjected to when they signed on with the E-Cat.