Rossi on the Evolution of the E-Cat and the Theory

I thought this was an interesting comment from Andrea Rossi regarding his work. When someone asked him whether he could see light at the end of the tunnel he responded:

‘The evolution is permanent both for what concerns the device and the theory. The tunnel of research never ends, when you see the light out of the tunnel it is an illusion, a reflection of your present knowledge, but the absolute knowledge is always behind the artificial sun. That’s why you better make epochè of any given “knowledge”’

I don’t know if this is a new way of Rossi to be thinking, but in the past Rossi has said that they have a very good idea regarding the theoretical basis behind the operation of the E-Cat. Now he seems to be implying that in reality there is so much that is unknown, that a final understanding cannot be claimed.

Always the philosopher, Rossi throws out a word that I had to look up: epochè. The term seems to be used in the context of Pyrrhonism, a Greek skeptical philosophical approach in which (according to Wikipedia) epochè means: “Without actually claiming that we do not know anything, Pyrrhonism argues that the preferred attitude to be adopted is epoché, i.e., the suspension of judgment or the withholding of assent.”

So the journey of research and discovery continues, and I expect that anything conclusion that Rossi provides regarding his theory will need to be considered provisional. The exciting part of all this is that it sounds like there is going to be continuous development and improvement of the E-Cat, and who knows where that will lead us to.