Positive Coverage of Industrial Heat Deal at Futuristech Info

A largely positive response to the Industrial Heat press release comes from the Futuristech Info web site, which covers a wide gamut of cutting edge technology.

The article on the site covers the basic information of the IH press release, noting the importance of the Levi report to the and concludes:

Vaughn and Darden seem like hardhead and sensible businessmen who have done their homework. They actually looked into Ecat and got the facts before investing . . . Industrial Heat’s confirmation is very good news, despite the skeptics. It’s the biggest investment so far in cold fusion and it proves there are far sighted businessmen interested in commercializing this important technology . . . I also hope that Industrial Heat’s brave stand will inspire other investors to put their money behind low energy nuclear reaction. We need massive investment in this technology now.

This seems to me like an sensible and logical conclusion to take given the evidence at hand. I expect that Cherokee’s, and especially Tom Darden and JT Vaughn’s backgrounds and reputation are going to be scrutinized quite heavily following this announcement, and maybe a ‘brave stand’ is an apt description of their going public via Friday’s announcement.

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