Blacklight Power Jan 28th Demo Thread [Updated]

I’m not quite sure what there will be to report here for a while, but I thought I’d open up a thread for discussion of the Blacklight Power demonstration that is scheduled for tomorrow, January 28th. I personally don’t know anyone who is going to be there, but there may be someone who does — and who might be able to get some news to us here.

I have heard that there will be a video of the proceeding posted on the BLP website sometime after the demonstration is completed, so we will be watching for that.

Just as a review, this is what was stated about tomorrow’s demo by Randell Mills:

The energetic plasma will be demonstrated. The energy and power balances will be measured using a commercial calorimeter that will quantify megaWatt power at a density of billions of watts per liter.

I will also go over the system engineering, hydrino product characterization, and talk about applications and commercialization.

If you hear about news, updates, videos, reports, etc., please post them below.

Many thanks!

UPDATE: We have a report of someone who was at BLP, but not in the demo. ‘Commentor’ wrote:

“I stopped by BLP around midday today the 28th. The demo was going on, my contact said it was going well. No press vehicles in parking lot, just lots of high end cars and one law enforcement vehicle. All 35 spots filled for the lab demo. Here’s hoping that this is the first step in Dr Mills success.”