Report From Short Course on Cold Fusion at MIT [Update: NANOR photo included]

Here’s a report from Barry Simon who has been attending the course Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is being co-taught by Drs. Mitchell Swartz and Peter Hagelstein, and which runs from Jan 27-31.

Hi all:

Went to MIT today for the CF 101 course. Bottom line, Mitchel Swartz has made the NANORS so efficient he is now selling them. Put out a pre-order list today. Pricing or leasing will come out in Feb.

Last year he said a NANOR he was working with reached 80 COP for thirty minutes. The new series of NANORS (series 8 I think) are better than last year’s models. He wouldn’t tell me the consistent COP, said I’d have to wait until Friday (last day of the class).

I took some photos of the NANORs he brought with him. They look like a tiny firecracker with a fuse (wire, about ten gauge) on either end. I asked if he was concerned about someone cutting them open to discover his trade secrets and he said, “Well, maybe they will be able to improve them.” I admire the CF scientists who want to see the phenomenon come to fruition rather than make $$$. He and Peter Hagelstein share/ teach all they know about CF openly (at least I think they do).

I know the NANOR or Jet Energy wasn’t on Mike McKubre’s list of the four CF horses heading towards the finish line, but as far as transparency and style, I’d put Jet Energy out in front. Mitchell Swartz’s attitude seems the same as Mike McKubre’s when he said, “If one wins, we all win.”

It was a slow Fall but “Cold Fusion interesting times” seem back with us. Peace, Barry

P.S. MIT video part two out soon.

UPDATE: Barry sent this picture he took of some NANORs

NANOR 2014_edited-1
Photo credit: Barry Simon