Oilprice.com Interviews Defkalion CEO Xanthoulis

Oilprice.com has just today published an interview with Alex Xanthouilis, CEO of Defkalion Green Technologies. James Burgess asks Xanthoulis about the current status of Defkalion’s business and technologicall plans, and about his overall thoughts on the state of the LENR field.

Some of the key points mentioned by Xanthoulis are:

  • Defkalion plans to have a ‘pre-industrial’ Hyperion unit ready for certification testing in the second quarter of 2014
  • The first Hyperions produced will be for domestic and light industrial settings
  • Defkalion Green Technologies is now a registered Canadian company. They have plans to open a manufacturing facility in Greece, but that may change due to interest in other countries
  • Defkalion defines its energy production process as H.E.N.I. (Heat Energy from Nuclei Interaction), which, says Xanthoulis is “completely different in its method of operation and control mechanisms” from LENR
  • Cost of energy is calculated as being less than 1 cent (US) per kilowatt.
  • A Hyperion unit is expected to retail at around $7,000