Rossi on the E-Cat Factory

For a long time Andrea Rossi has spoken about preparing for mass production of E-Cats and has mentioned on numerous occasions the preparation of a factory where E-Cat product would be manufactured. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics a reader expressed some concern over the fact that critics are pointing out that while Rossi had talked about the factory for a long time, it still has never been revealed. The question put to Rossi was, “what happened to the factory? Were any E-cats ever produced there?”

Rossi’s response:

In our factory we are completing our cycle of validation and R&D, as well as we are manufacturing reactors for the plants. The results of the validation can be positive or negative, and I cannot give so far precise answers on the issue. The mass production line, for which parts have already been prepared, will be set up and put in operation when the mass production will begin, but, as I said many times, we cannot begin a mass production until the R&D and validation work will be completed. About the pathos: they are not our problem.

Rossi has never stated that a commercial production line has been completed, rather he has talked about preparing one — and again here he says that parts have already been prepared ready for mass production, ready to roll if and when successful validation has been completed.

It would seem to me from this response that Rossi is currently doing his R&D work in the same facility where Industrial Heat is producing the reactors (Rossi said he was personally not involved in production any more), and that most probably this facility is in Research Triangle Park, in North Carolina.

It’s interesting to me that Rossi keeps saying that nothing commercial can happen until the R&D and validation has been completed. Why would that be? I think one reason is that if successful, this latest round of tests (if successful) could be the trigger that finally demonstrates the potential of the technology, and have the ability to attract the attention of people with the funds that will be required for mass production.