Swedish Physicist Sven Kullander Dies at 78

Jed Rothwell has reported on Vortex-l (citing Wikipedia) that Sven Kullander, professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University, has died at age 78.

Dr. Kullander is known in the LENR community as one of the early observers of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats. He, along with Swedish physicist Hanno Essen, was one of the first academics to publicly state that he considered that the E-Cat was producing energy based on nuclear reactions.

He once said in regards to the E-Cat which Andrea Rossi demonstrated to him, “There is always the possibility that Rossi is fooling everyone but then he most be the best magician in the world. We (Sven and Hanno Essen) checked everything, we looked for wires in the whole room. We could not see any trace of a fraud.” He also said that he was unconcerned with publicly endorsing Rossi and the E-Cat because he was advanced in age and unafraid of ruining his academic career.