Homemade LENR

It’s been quite interesting lately reading and watching various comments and videos about the ‘H-Cat’ system that we’ve covered here lately. In addition to the scientific and technological discussions that are going on, there is the interesting phenomenon of people getting their hands dirty, and getting involved with building and experimenting on their own in trying to produce energy in new ways, and it makes me wonder about how ‘homemade LENR’ efforts may develop going forward.

One of the appealing things about LENR from an inventor’s perspective is that it is something that can be done on a small scale. Pons and Fleischmann’s claims were at first seen as remarkable because it was seen by many that they were claiming that fusion could be done on a desktop. Their announcement set off a great deal of interest, and despite their fall from grace after much criticism from many in the science community, their announcement sparked the imagination of a number of researchers from around the world who have continued to pursue LENR development over the years, and I believe we are seeing some of their efforts coming to fruition.

The question that occurs to me is what might happen when the reality and usefulness of LENR becomes widely recognized? My guess is that inventive and creative people the world over will realize that homemade LENR is quite a feasible proposition, and something that can be of great benefit to themselves personally and professionally. While Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat are aiming for the big industrial marketplace, I can’t imagine that if people recognize that LENR is a real viable energy source that can be produced on small scales, that they will be satisfied waiting for large corporations to provide it to them via the existing grid if they see there’s an opportunity to create it locally.

We live in a time of a thriving ‘Maker Movement’, where technology is allowing for home-based manufacturing is becoming a reality with the convergence of computing, communications technology, robotics, 3-D printing, CNC fabricating, etc. I can see that if LENR is seen to be something that is relatively simple to develop locally, that it could well become be part of this home-based manufacturing movement.

This will surely lead to big questions being asked regarding the nature of society. If production of goods and energy is in the hands of the average person, what will that mean in terms of the nature of the state? What will be the response of government and those who seek to regulate the affairs of people for the ‘greater good’? It’s very hard to say, but I think there is a natural urge in most people for individual liberty, personal prosperity and security — and less dependence upon outside entities for the necessities of life. And we could be moving into an age where technology makes that increasingly possible.

Energy is one area where most of us are dependent upon outside forces, and at significant cost. If smart and creative people see that there is even a chance to become more energy independent through developing LENR methods, I think they will pursue it with tenacity and vigor, and I think one way or another the secrets of LENR will be discovered. Once they are discovered and shared, in our day of instant communication it will be very hard to stop them — and this could have a transformative effect on the whole world.