MIT Cold Fusion — The Revolution Has Begun (Video)

Thanks to Mr. Moho for informing us about a video that has been posted on Youtube by someone called ‘AlienScientist’ who attended (and filmed) the recent MIT Cold Fusion seminar and reports about what he has learned.

He does a very nice job of summarizing the key points from the seminar, pointing out that Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz mention such things as how the cold fusion reactions can be enhanced by subjecting the cold fusion cell to an external magnetic heat and shining a laser on the cathodes. He also mentions that they say cracking in the metal and rapid gas loading can cause the deuterium to leak out, thus negatively affecting the amount of excess heat produced.

The video also includes pointed criticism of the way the scientific community dealt with Pons and Fleischmann 25 years ago, and laments the lost opportunities that could have been realized if more care had been taken in trying to replicate the effect back then.

The takeaway quote from the video (I think) is:

“This is quite possibly the beginning of the largest technological breakthrough that our generation will witness.”

AlienScientist has 59,000 subscribers — let’s hope this video will increase awareness of the topic.