Rossi Strikes More Hopeful Tone Regarding E-Cat Tests

I posted a question to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the value of partnering with Industrial Heat with their location in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and with the various contacts they have in the high tech industry.

Rossi responded:

With Industrial Heat we are making an important work of R&D, validation and industrialization. We are a strong team. The impact of the partnership has been and is extremely productive. About the results, I prefer to wait the results of the R&D and validation work in course. In Industrial Heat I am the chief scientist and as such I can talk about the results only after the validation in course will have been consolidated, based upon long term rigorous measurements.

The results could be positive, as we have reason to hope, but also negative. We have still a lot of work to do, and we are making a lot of work.

He didn’t answer my question in much detail (as usual) but gives an indication that he is very happy with the partnership. He mentions this time that in addition to being involved in R&D and validation, they are also working on ‘industrialization’, which is a new emphasis.

Also, it’s interesting that Rossi says that they have ‘reason to hope’ that the results will be positive, while allowing, as usual, for a negative outcome. That’s a somewhat more hopeful tone than he has been expressing in recent posts — I wonder what it is that gives him that reason.