Preregistration Open for MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium, March 21-23, 2014

A web page has been set up to provide information about the upcoming 2014 Cold Fusion [Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction] Colloquium at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is being held on the 25th anniversary of the press conference at the University of Utah in which Pons and Fleischmann announced their discovery of cold fusion.

This Colloquium is sponsored by Jet Energy (led by Mitchell Swartz) and the purpose of the meeting is described as follows:

“Our goal is to increase public cooperation and excellence of science and engineering among colleagues and improved public awareness of the development of this important field.

“The organizing theme in 2014 involves the actual scientific and engineering “road” from achieving the hydrided lattices in nickel and palladium and similar metals, to releasing the desired Excess Energy.”

Mitchell Swartz has sent to Sterling Allan at PESN a list of the scheduled speakers and the topics they will cover — many of the most prominent names in the LENR research field are included. You can see the list here.

It sounds like it will be a very interesting conference — but the official site for the conference mentions that space is limited, so people wishing to attend need to preregister (no walk-ins will be permitted). The preregistration contribution is $70, and will rise to $100 after March 14th.

Full information about the colloquium, including registration details can be found here.

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