New H-Cat Video

Thanks to David55 for pointing out this new video posted on Youtube by someone who goes by the name ‘Woopy’, who has been doing quite a bit of experimenting with HHO gas and material taken from a catalytic converter. This video shows him inserting a syringe into the middle of a piece of catalytic material, and flowing the HHO gas on the inside of the catalyst which brings about a reaction which can be easily seen in the video.

He shows that the temperature measured here is above the range of of the thermometer he is using — 250 degrees C, he says. Also, it’s not clear whether that temperature measured is widespread throughout the catalytic material, or whether it just found on a certain spot where the HHO gas interacts with the catalytic material.

Whether the reaction shown is an LENR one that produces excess heat is yet to be determined, but it’s good that people like Woopy are still experimenting with these systems and are willing to share their results with the general public. It has the effect, I think, of encouraging more experimentation, and hopefully some effective calorimetry system can be designed to help us get an accurate picture of what is going on here, and whether it is significant.