Idea: An E-Cat World H-Cat Challenge

There have been a lot of interesting reports and videos that show that HHO gas, when fed into a catalytic substrate, produce a spectacular reaction of light and heat. I am interested in seeing if we can get to the bottom of whether the H-Cat reaction that Justin Church and others are obtaining is an LENR-like event that provides excess heat — and I know I’m not alone in this.

The bottom line is — does the reaction produce more energy than it consumes? If the answer is yes — great! That would be a phenomenally interesting result with far-reaching implications. If the answer is no — then that’s a very important result which is useful to know in our search for understanding of LENR.

What I am proposing here is that E-Cat World be the sponsor of a challenge to see if we can answer this question to a reasonable degree of certainty. If we do this, here are the basic things I think we need.

1. A qualified person or group who would volunteer to carry out experiments with HHO and a catalyzer of some kind (similar to what Justin Church has shown, publish video and report findings back to the community here at ECW (and any other online outlet of their choosing).

2. A means to raise funds to provide the volunteers with the essential equipment to carry out the experiments — I would be happy to promote a crowdfunding effort here at ECW.

3. A forum in which ECW readers can ask questions of the experimenters and make suggestions.

Here are some points I would like to emphasize.

I am suggesting a ‘quick and dirty’ approach here — something that could be done cheaply. We will need to use common sense and creativity which could be done on a low budget. If there is a large excess heat event, it should be reasonably easy to detect, even without exact measurements. If the results seem positive more exact testing can be done later.

This would not be a test to try and figure out exactly what is going on in the reaction — all we would be looking for is whether there seems to be excess heat being produced.

Fundraising would be to fund the purchase and shipping of essential equipment — and anyone who volunteers to do the experiment would do so on a voluntary basis, not for pay.

Whoever volunteers will be responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions, and won’t hold E-Cat World, or any other person or organization liable for any harm or damage.

This is the basic idea. I will throw it out there for comment. I’d like to hear from readers about whether you think it would be a good idea, whether you would support it financially, and any suggestions you might have on how to make the idea better.

If there seems to be enough interest, we can move forward with organizing an effort.

If anyone wants to contact me privately about this, please send me an email.